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Sandy Rubin

Sandy Rubin started making jewelry in 2005 with intricately wrapped wire and semiprecious elements and soon began to explore the depths of the jewelry making world. After moving to NYC in 2008 and working a low-paying entry-level corporate position, she leaned on her talents, saved money, and took metal smith classes in her spare time. She was bit by the jewelry bug as an avid rock collector and started to explore New York City’s famed Diamond District. Historically, a very closed-door community, Sandy slowly began to develop relationships with skilled artisans and various gemstone and metal vendors by trading many of them her time and assistance in exchange for lessons and a deeper understanding and education.

It wasn’t until 2011 when she was approached by her best friend’s boyfriend to make her very first diamond engagement ring. Sandy felt a special connection with making commitment jewelry and believes strongly in celebrating the warmth, seeming “imperfections”, simplicity, and intricacy of our relationships translated into jewelry.

Today, SRJ explores these characteristics in her collection and took it a step further in the Spring of 2018 when Sandy ventured on her very first solo cross-country “rock-hounding” road trip, to experience firsthand the intricacies of mining methods and identifying gemstones in their natural habitat with hope to incorporate her finds into her bespoke jewelry.